Investor Intelligence Virtual Briefings

Although we had to regrettably cancel the Investor Intelligence Symposium planned for early April in NYC due to public health and safety concerns, we are delighted to bring the planned content and speakers to you free of charge over the coming weeks.

Our new series of Investor Intelligence Virtual Briefings will keep you apprised of the current state of affairs related to cannabis investing, helping you understand where the opportunities and pitfalls can be found during these uncertain times. With reliable, accurate information brought to you by our own Investor Intelligence analysts as well as leading industry experts, these action-oriented sessions give you steps today to change your investment future.

All sessions include opportunities for live Q&A, and registrants will get access to the video recording after each live webcast. For questions or suggestions on future topics to cover, we welcome your input at [email protected]

Date Topic
4/7/2020 The State of Cannabis

Short-term challenges create long-term opportunities: Join Investor Intelligence’s premier analysts, Craig Behnke and Mike Regan, as they delve into how to find the diamonds in the rough, which can be found even in the current capital climate.

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4/21/2020 Bull v. Bear Market Perspectives

The nascent marijuana industry has its share of cheerleaders and naysayers. Hear from seasoned investors on both sides and be prepared to make your own decisions about what the market’s enthusiasm gets right and wrong.

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5/5/2020 Nuances of Cannabis Investing Registration Coming Soon
TBD How Cannabis Affects the Mainstream Portfolio Registration Coming Soon
TBD Hemp: Opportunities & Challenges Registration Coming Soon
TBD The International Thesis Registration Coming Soon

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